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In the morning sounds of birds and smell of clean fresh air.

Around you nature at its wild with trees of fruits behind amazing sights.

Smell of forest, view of mountains,

This is where we celebrate each moment,

Where each one finds his unique.

Around here tradition is alive, goats and chickens run around..

This is where you rest and heal your mind by simple quite moves along the day, the night..


Come to meet your Positive Emotions and transform them back into thoughts.


With Golden beaches painted coral pink, we await to meet your better you..

Stop chasing

Relax & Clear

Enjoy your existence

Our beautiful Private Stonehouse Villa is located at Kefali Village, Kissamos - Kasteli, western Crete.

Just 5 km from Elos Village, an hour away from Kasteli  and another half an hour away from Chania. 15 m' to Elafonissi Lagoon. With an hour of driving you can reach Falassarna beach and Sougia. Our property is set in a green surrounding up the mountain - perfectly located to enjoy the fresh breeze at the hot summer days.

On the western side of the island of Crete, not far from the famous Elafonissi lagoon, there waits a piece of heaven..

Customers can rent exclusively all the property,  for twelve persons and more. Also, you can rent part of it -  the main traditional stone house, our garden pool front studio or the terrace 3 person suite.

Rates are varying according to dates and the amount of people.

Option to rent another house at the area if needed.

All rooms have access to the pool. 

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